Friday, October 23, 2009

OMG... IT WAS GREAT.... (LOL)!!!!

I had such a good birthday, on Wednesday night my mom surprised me with tickets to the star wars in concert. I had such a good time we had floor seats and the best part was hearing my mom tell me on the way home that the person that sat next to her at the concert, was such a star wars freak and just talked up a storm. and my grandma had a good time to. I was so happy i got to go because that was the only day it was in Oklahoma. sooo my birthday was yesterday and we went to chilies for dinner with some good friends (thanks for coming hunter and Keri i had a great time) but then we came home to do presents and from my mom i got a really nice purse and from my two uncles i got a wallet, a amc movie ticket and some other cool stuff and from my grandma and grandpa i got my favorite picture that i have been wanting for ever. so this birthday was really good and it feels weird to be 13 and to be a teenager. I wish you all a great day....


  1. Hey, Miss Katie! I'm so glad you had a nice birthday. It seems like you've been celebrating your birthday for a whole month! :) I guess that's okay when you're 13. When you get my age, you don't want anyone to know your birthday's coming up.

    I had fun at Chili's last night, and I really appreciate you letting Hunter and me share your birthday with you. Getting in the car, Hunter said, "I LOVE being around Katie. She is SO much fun!"

    By the way, if you check out Hunter's blog, you will read a message I left on there, telling everyone that she is grounded from using her computer until Monday. She pulled her daddy's chain one too many times. :)

    Hey, I absolutely LOVE this background. I think it's my favorite so far. Why don't you hang on to it for more than a day or two? (LOL)

    P.S. Thanks for sending me the links to the blinkies, widgets, and gadgets. I'll mess with them sometime this weekend.

  2. this is my background for now on exept for when i do like a birthday or a holiday or somthing.
    p.s. we need to get together more to you soon.