Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Sorry i have not been blogging i have been so busy with homework and other stuff. so now I'm going to fill you in about whats happen in my life...... Well i went to the doctor last Thursday and i don't haft to wear my air cast any more,so I'm happy about that.... =) For Halloween we had to decorate our car for my church get together and me and my grandma did Jonah and the whale, sooo we made a big pot of jello and spaghetti and we cut grapes up and mixed it all together and made it look like the whales belly. so they had to stick there hand in it and find Jonah. since I'm playing the flute my mom (the best mom in the world) got me flute lessons (thanks mom). today i got all of are cookie dough and i have a lot to give out and i dont know how I'm going to do that. but any way that's my life now so I'm off to practice my flute....... , ). TTUL....that means type to you later...(lol)

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  1. Hello my favorite daughter. I am excited about your upcoming lessons and can't wait to hear all the new songs you are going to learn. She will push you to be your best so remember to practice and enjoy playing while you can. Love you! Mom