Tuesday, December 22, 2009


man oh man I'm so sorry i have not been posting. i have had so much on my plat that i have been going and going. any way since my last post i have been studying for my big 9 week test that was last Thursday and Friday. i had so may things to do and things to study and man i was so happy when the bell rang to go home i could actually breath again and just relax. i just hated stay in in my 1st, 3rd, and my 5Th hour classes for 2 hours then my 2ND, 4Th and 6Th hours for 2 hours the next day man doing that i tell you its hard because it gets SO boring and all you just want to do is get up and stretch and take a breather. but after that on Saturday i had my 3rd and final surgery...(thank goodness) but by my 3rd one i was a pro at it i mean they had a little trouble getting my IV in but other than that i was a pro at it........(and if u think I'm a wimp I'm not because they had trouble finding a good vane and not like they had trouble because i was going to scream and i was the problem) any way before the surgery i was thing back when i had to use the crutches and guess what after surgery i had to use crutches the rest of the day.=( i hated it.any way i have a Doctor app tomorrow and maby i will get this ace bandage off. soo on sunday me and my coson played a solo she played the alto sax i played the flute and we did good. today both my cosons came over to do christmas and paige got me this beautiful neckless that has a flute on it and i love it.pluse today my uncles dog had her puppies he called and said she had 7 then he called and said she just had 2 more then he txted us and said she had 1 more and i was like man so im happy for him and happy he got throught it because he was a little nervouse.so thats my life now and again im sorry i have not been posting. im going to hit the hay so good nite all and a almost merry christmas!!!

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