Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is my dog marley! she is a VERY PRISSY GIRL!!! She is a chihuahua and i would have never thought i would have this kind of dog but i do and i love her and she loves me very much. Any time someone comes near me she acts like a great dan. But any way i thought you all might want to see a pic of her i will post better ones when she will sit still long enough......(lol)


  1. Ahh, she actually looks cute in that picture, when she's not trying to bite my head off. :) She is one ferocious watch dog! Isn't it nice to have a little sweetie who loves you so much? I sometimes think Max would get very sick if I was ever gone longer than a day. JC says when I'm gone overnight, he just lays in my office by my chair and mopes. Poor baby! What would be do without our precious pets?

  2. Wow katie! Marly looks so cute~!!

  3. Keri you just need to spend more time with us so Marley can get to know and love you like we do. Then the prissy thing who wants to sit on your shoulder will take over the Great Dane attitude. Come visit more we miss you!