Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weird But True!!!!!!

Boy i tell you what some of the other peoples blogs that i see are just plain weird, but i love my friend hunters blog and her moms Keri. So today was a long day i though would never end. After school my grandma picks me up and when she did we where talking and she was telling me about what my dog Marley did, when my grandma got up from the chair and turned the TV off Marley jumped of of the other chair and went right to the door because she knows it was time to come get me, so when she told me i laugh, for a dog like her to do something like that its cool. I'm sure all you guys that's reading this has weird friends because i do,my friend Paige is a dork she talks none stop and she has this mean but weird brother that always hurts her so every time i am talking to her on the phone she ends up screaming because her brother is hurting her but at the end her brother gets in to trouble. So thats my life now and im wishing you a great night!!!


  1. Hi Kaitlyn! It's me Hunter. I think you blog is really cool! I hope to see more of what you are going to do with it! Have you checked out my blog lately??? Well hope to see you soon!

    P.S If you see anything that is mis spelled please feal free to ask me. I promise I won't get mad!LOL:)!

  2. Well, I see your "Daisies" didn't last long! :) Now that you have the hang of it, there's all kinds of stuff you can do with you blog. Good job and happy blogging!

  3. Katie bug this looks sooooo much better. It's easier to read and you are so much fun to read about. Have a great day