Monday, October 5, 2009

Back with out wheels! (lol)

1 day on my crutches at school and it was hard but not to hard, i wish i could just walk. but i will be walking soon enough. yesterday i did a lot of my home work from last week and today i found out that i had more at school because one of my teachers did not give me any of my work that i needed so now i have a lot of homework but i wish i could just forget about it on go on with my life. it has just been a long day! = )

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  1. Hey Kaitlyn! Nice to talk to you again! I really like you blog! Right now I am just learning how to type with what I like to call "Fast Fingers". My mom has been trying to teach me how to do it and I have to admit I think I am ding quite well!LOL:) My mom I think right now is talking to your mom. I think they are talking about how to make a blog background. I really have fun making my blog but is somthing you have to keep up with. Wait a minut she's not talking to your mom she's talking to you! O!!! How wmbarrasing!! It is kind of weird thing that I am thinjing what I am thinking . You know right now I think I am just talking about just what is coming to my mind. see I am just so wierd!!!LOL;o)