Saturday, October 3, 2009

What a long day....

It was a long day. Today we went with some good friends to lunch at Red Lobster and the to play with some puppies, but throughout the day i got to walk on my foot for the first time in 7 weeks fyi i broke my ankle 8 weeks ago and had to have surgery and when i had surgery i had 2 screws put in and last Wednesday the 30th i had surgery to take one screw out. It was a little scary but i made it... so now im home and ready for bed.


  1. Wow, very nice looking!!!!! I love the dark background and the green text. I remember you're into "green" these days, huh? ;) Hey, see if you can find your way into the settings and turn off the "Adult Content" setting. When I tried to get on, it gave me a warning that there is Adult Content on your blog, but I don't really think that's correct, right? Go to your dashboard, then go to settings. I think it's under the "Basic" tab, all the way at the bottom. It must be checked so that people get this warning.

    I'll check back in later, and I'm sure Hunter will be here soon. Have a good night!!!!!

  2. Hello again. I see my mom made here before I could get a chance! sorry I would have tried to get on eirlier but I had homework and had to finish my book. I hope that soon we will beable to get together again and see those puppies before they get old and grumpy! LOL:)! Well I guess I will be sighning out.