Thursday, January 14, 2010


OK OK OK!!! My mom has done nothing but complain because i have not blogged about what i got for Christmas. so i am going to pretend it is the day after Christmas so bare with me. i got a lot of origami things (cas im like Keri and her crocheting and a bunch or scrap booking things and ever since i was 5 i have wanted a video recorder so i got one. well this year my mom took every thing out of the boxes and wrapped every thing individual to make it look like i had a whole bunch of gifts. so right now my life is pretty normal so I'm going to play with Marley and go read.
good night all!!!


  1. You are so funny. Thank you for recognizing what all you got. I had fun wrapping everything since we were waiting on Grandpa to pull Jason out of the snow I thought I would have some fun wrapping. You didn't seem to mind opening them. Uncle Jason did complain that it looked like you got everything and then some. I hope you are happy with what you got and I look forward to getting your videos posted. Be sure to leave a link to your blog on your facebook page for everyone to see. Love you!

  2. Sounds like Santa was good to you, Kaitlyn! With our Christmas Eve blizzard, things were kind of weird around here. I'm glad all your family made it home safe and sound.

    I can't wait to see some videos that you take with your new Flip! I'm sure Marley will be the #1 movie star! :)