Saturday, January 9, 2010


well I'm back to blogging again. sorry i have not been in a while because i have been trying to get over some of the things i have been trying to get over is on the first day back witch was Tuesday i got a envelope that was kinda thick, so when i got to my 2ND hour class i opened it and it read I am thrilled to inform you that, based on her academic achievements and leadership potential Kaitlyn has been nominated to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference to be held this spring 2010 in WASHINGTON D.C . Well by the time i got to that part i was about to scream i was so happy. well the bad part is my mom researched about it and found out that a girl that went a couple years ago got blisters and had to walk every were they went plus, we are supposed to go to all kinds of monuments which brings me back to the girl, they had only a few seconds to take a pic then go on when they are supposed to go inside and look around. so my mom said i cant go. there are some personal things i am getting over so i am going to ttul.
Hope every body has a good night and week!!!!............ =)


  1. Kaitlyn you certainly deserved to be able to go on that trip. Unfortunately there are people who take advantage of you and don't care about you at all. I wish that I had found some exciting things when I looked it up on the internet but this was not one of those times. I promise to make a trip with you to DC sometime in the future. Then we can enjoy seeing the capital of our country together. I think those memories would be better then the ones you may have had to endure if we had spent the thousands to send you the JYLC. I am proud of you for being strong about it and pulling your shoulders back and putting your head up and being a young lady about it all. Life is full of disappointment but remember only God is faithful and true he is the only source of joy in which we can truly count on. I love you!!!!

  2. Wow, Kaitlyn, that is quite an honor to be given that award. Congratulations! You know something? Ryanne won a similar award when she was in high school. It was based on her academic accomplishments, etc. But, when I read the fine print in the paperwork, it was going to cost me a lot of money in order to have her name and picture listed in their publication. It was supposed to be something to help her get into certain colleges. It was still an honor for her to be recognized, but it was not something I felt we needed to pursue at that time. She was disappointed, but I think she eventually understood my side of it.

    So, I think it's an awesome thing that you are being recognized. There may just be a better time and place to showcase your talents in the future.

    Looking forward to Chili's tomorrow night! :)

  3. Hey Kaitlin! I am so sorry that I have not been posting on your blog latly.

    Hey my mom was right, that is a big honor to be able to be recognized. It rally sounds like a lot of fun. So I am really sorry that you didn't get to go.

    Anyway like my mom, I am really excited about going to chillies tomorrow night with you guys!